You’ve been in an accident, but you may still think your car is safe to drive. You may be too busy to deal with a body shop, for example, or you may not be able to afford your insurance company deductible. Four words — don’t put it off!

There are good reasons you should have your vehicle attended to as soon as possible. The experts at Collision Pros in San Antonio are quick to point out the dangerous situations that can arise from driving after an accident without proper body repair:

Problems You Can’t See: Your car is comprised of literally thousands of components, and an accident can cause damage to any one of them. Sure, you car may still feel okay, but do you really want to be on a freeway at 70 miles per hour when one of these compromised parts starts to fail?

Rusting: Your car’s paint isn’t just there for looks; it’s also your car’s skin, protecting the metal on the body underneath. Driving with exposed metal invites rust, which will eat away at the body and create further complications.

Unpredictable Damage: Besides the parts that were traumatized in the accident, adjacent components can be affected by the original damage. The components of your car are meant to work smoothly together, and if one part is malfunctioning, it can easily affect surrounding components, and that’s not good.

Bill Constable, owner of Collision Pros, recommends that you seek out the services of a body shop no matter how minor the accident seems to have been. Delaying body work can lead to even more expensive repairs and dangerous situations. Contact Collision Pros at (210) 590-2020.

We’ve been providing quality collision repair service to San Antonio since 1929!

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